My user name's a Jet Set Radio reference, in case anyone was wondering. I post mashups I make and some gaming related stuff. Hope you like it.
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Vocals: Little Brother - Bless The Child (Clean)
Beat: TCminneapolis - Wind Scene 600 AD REMIX (seeing wind)

As requested by jaysmile, I finally did a long overdue Wind Scene mashup. Homie really deserves a medal or something for being so patient. I wish I could’ve found an explicit version for the vocals, but Little Brother acapellas are pretty rare so I’m happy with what I got. If anyone wants to, feel free to download the mashup HERE. Also, since jaysmile already set the precedent, feel free to make any requests or suggestions for future mashups.

  • Track: Windy Exaltation
  • Artist: Little Brother/TCminneapolis
  • Album:
  • Plays: 290
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    I don’t know if I like this or if I just want to play Chronotrigger again.
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